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Top 5 gardening tools to borrow this season

The best way to start or maintain your garden with minimum hassle and expense is to borrow some gardening tools. Who needs to find space in the shed… or find a shed… for all this gear you use occasionally? Tripping over the lawnmower stashed at the back door? Love to have a leaf blower but it doesn’t make sense to buy when you can borrow? We’ll share our top tips for borrowing gardening tools to maintain a property with a yard and established greenery. We’ll explore more gardening activities in future, like smaller balcony gardens and growing food.


For tidying up the yard during autumn/fall, a rake is a must-have item. Combining gardening with a good workout, you’ll have the yard looking tidy with the added benefit of cardio exercise. There’s nothing like admiring your beautiful clean lawn knowing that it’s the result of your own hard work. Just in time for the kids to run in and spread the pile of leaves all over the yard again. It’s fun for all the family.

Leaf blower/vac

Friends coming over at short notice? There’s no need to get all hot and sweaty raking up the yard with one of these. A leaf blower/vacuum is going to save loads of effort. The ones in stock at Sharing Shed Melbourne are electric and yet they’re still bulky. It’s one of those things that when you don’t need it, you want it out of the way. (Especially if you’ve just accidentally blown all your leaves across the neighbour’s property. Me? I don’t own a leaf blower…!). To borrow gardening tools like this handy leaf blower/vac, join us at Sharing Shed Melbourne.

Lawn Mower

When you’re tired of the dog playing hide and seek in the lawn, there’s really only one thing you need. A lawn mower is something you’ll use occasionally, but then it’s a real nuisance to store it between mows. The ideal solution is to hand it on to someone else and it’ll get more use trimming the neighbours’ wayward grass too. So check out the Sharing Shed’s stock when you need one.

And if you have a lawn mower in good condition that’s idle more than active, you don’t have to store it, let us help ensure better use of it through community sharing!

Hedge trimmer

Think these can only be used on hedges? A hedge trimmer can actually help keep any greenery neat and tidy. Run it quickly over those untidy bushes in your garden and it saves heaps of time pruning. Gone are the rusty old shears and sore shoulders from clip-clip-clipping. It’s happy days and on to the beers when you’ve whizzed around the (h)edges with the hedge trimmer. Borrowing gardening tools has never been so satisfying.


What can we say, wheelbarrows are wheely handy for tons of gardening jobs. Getting plants, tools or beers from the front yard to the back, you’ll enjoy saving several trips, and your back, with one of these. There’s no need to store these bulky beasts, though, you can borrow gardening tools when you need them. When you’ve got a big weekend of gardening coming up, plan ahead and grab a wheelbarrow to take care of all the heavy lifting.

Borrowing gardening tools saves you time and space for the better things in life

Whether you’ve got a lawn to mow, or those leaves have to go, you can borrow what you need for the job.

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