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Get Hyggelig

Hyggelig in a pre-pandemic time.

In Denmark when winter brings the dark, the cold and the snow, it also brings the hygge. Hyggelig is a term used to describe the vibe you get when you’re cosy and comforted and content. This can be created at home during winter in front of a warm fire, with nourishing food and drink and with the company of family & friends.

With all the physical distancing we’ve been partaking in, many may be feeling social withdrawal. As winter sets in we can instead look to the Danes for inspiration to “hygge sig” - creating some cosiness and connectedness in our lives by taking time to appreciate simplicity, connect with nature and participate in our community.

A library of things can help build and strengthen a connected community, literally providing the tools to share and create the world we want to see.

Sharing Shed Melbourne is gearing up to bring this to the community in Melbourne’s west, and we welcome you to participate. There are several ways you can take part, by becoming a volunteer, donate surplus stuff or becoming a member.

Together we can make our community more hyggelig.

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