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Highlights from our 2020 AGM

Our highlights from the past 12 months!

Last night (August 26) we held our 2nd annual general meeting, which was held virtually for the first time. It was a great chance to see some familiar faces and meet some passionate new friends. If there was one common theme amongst all participants it was a passion for sustainability and making a difference in communities. Being surrounded by such passionate & like-minded locals was very inspiring and a great reminder of why we’re persevering to make Sharing Shed a reality.

We heard from our two Sarah’s, who gave us a summary of a recent talk they did for Kororoit Creek Neighbourhood House, which you can watch the full talk here.

Official business

We ran through some of the highlights from the previous 12 months and our EOFY report which can be viewed here.

Sarah R will continue to serve as acting secretary (however if you are interested in this position please get in contact), and Jenny N will continue as the treasurer.

What’s next for Sharing Shed Melbourne

The next 12 months will be even more busy than the previous 12 with lots coming up. The key priorities for us include:

  • Fit out & move into our Ascot Vale home

  • Product stocktake, test & catalogue goods

  • Policies & procedures

  • Volunteer recruitment & policies

  • Working on the launch campaign

If any of these things sound of interest please get in contact we’d love to hear from!

Or alternatively if you’d like to get involved but unsure of where to begin or how you could help please get in contact too.

Thanks again to all those who attended, please keep in touch!

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