Sharing Shed Melbourne Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association run by a group of passionate locals and local supporters.


We seek to promote a more engaged, active, and resourceful community by empowering community users and partner organisations with low-cost access to a wide range of useful goods, skills and related knowledge.


"A world without waste"

We'd like to see a world where goods are made to last, made from reused or remanufactured materials wherever possible, easily repaired and happily shared; and where we value and share our skills, talents and knowledge to build stronger communities and a healthier environment.


"A sharing shed in every community"

Sharing Shed Melbourne is founded upon a belief that, collectively, we have an abundance of goods and skills that are unevenly distributed across our community. We aim to provide people with access to those things that enable them to live well.

Being able to access our collective goods and knowledge when we need them can both enhance social equity and promote environmental sustainability. Reducing the need to purchase excessive under-utilised items means we save money, reduce demand on our precious resources and create less waste and landfill. Buying less and owning only what we "know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful" allows us to enjoy life more. And, by extending access to people who may not have the money or space to buy or store things, we enable them to engage in the activities that require these things and which may otherwise be out of their reach.

We seek to foster community connectedness by creating opportunities to spend time and share knowledge with our neighbours. 

We want to enable our community to share their abundance in whatever form it takes - the things they have, the places and activities they've experienced, or the skills they've learned. Like book libraries, sharing sheds have a valuable role to play in creating thriving and resilient communities.


"Piloting a model in Melbourne's Inner West that is viable, sustainable and replicable"

Here at Sharing Shed Melbourne, we’ve been looking for a venue in the Inner West to host our "library of things", community-led workshops and our repair cafe. While we'd still love to find a home, we're also looking at different approaches such as piloting a mobile, distributed-access option. This idea would marry up a storage facility with a transport option and a distribution point - enabled by an online inventory management system and communications portal (yeah, this website is it!), along with real-world physical places scattered around our suburbs where goods can be collected and returned. If you want to get involved, read on to find out how you can help out. Together, we can bring the Sharing Shed into the world and help build the sort of community we want to be part of!

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