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Sharing Shed Melbourne Gratitude

Sharing Shed Melbourne wouldn't be possible without the help of our many awesome supporters

Moonee Valley Council

Moonee Valley Council very generously awarded us with a grant to establish Sharing Shed Melbourne in Moonee Valley. A very, very special thank you to the entire MVCC for helping us to make it happen.

Yarraville Community Centre

A very special thank you to Christine McCall and the team at YCC!As the CEO of YCC, Chris has provided invaluable support in hosting and championing the Melbourne Repair Cafe (Inner West) since 2016, our inaugural year of operation. That support has since extended to the emergence of Sharing Shed Melbourne. Chris, the YCC board and the YCC staff have been generous in many untold ways, not least of which has been to provide the space, advice, foresight and faith that our initiatives can help create the sort of vibrant, connected and resilient community that we all want to be part of.With deep gratitude and much appreciation, Michelle, Jenny and the team at MRC and SSM.


See more about YCC here.

West Welcome Wagon

The amazing team at West Welcome Wagon provide an outstanding service distributing household goods and material aid to asylum seekers in our community. Seeing the potential to complement and support what we  were doing, they offered us opportunities to acquire infrequently-used items that were not relevant or surplus to their needs. As a non-profit community-driven initiative in the West, their experience and advice are particularly valuable to an initiative such as ours. We are especially grateful for the temporary storage they offered us during the pre-launch phase of our emergence as we were negotiating other longer-standing arrangements.

Ivy Irada-Menelaou- VeuxDesign

Designer of our warm and inclusive logo and branding. The logo can easily be adapted to new localities where communities want to set up a shed in their area.

Andre Conate - Abante Group

Director and filmmaker of our introductory video, which captures the spirit of our message about how shared access to things enables us to live well.

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