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About Sharing Shed Melbourne

Sharing Shed Melbourne is a not-for-profit, community run library of things. Members pay an annual membership fee to borrow a range of donated goods; from lawnmowers to camping gear.

We seek to promote a more engaged, active, and resourceful community by empowering community users and partner organisations with low-cost access to a wide range of useful goods, skills and related knowledge.

Own less, live more

Join a Library of Things and Borrow, not Buy.

You’d love to try camping, or music, or sports, but don’t have the gear? 


You tried a hobby – once – but all that gear is hanging around the house taking up space? 


You’ve collected up a bundle of things that you use only a few times a year and you hang on to them “just in case”?

Think gardening gear for seasonal planting or maintenance, preserving equipment, ski gear, specialty cooking appliances for the occasional dinner party.


The Sharing Shed’s Library of Things can help.


You can donate your infrequently-used items and borrow what you need, when you need it.

 A focus on social equity

We love that we’re forming a key part of the sharing economy, saving items from landfill, and building connected communities by bringing people together to Share, Repair and Learn.


One of our main motivations for developing the Sharing Shed in Melbourne is that we are enabling access to under-utilised items for individuals who could not dream of having such items of their own.


Participation in recreational, sporting or educational pursuits is sometimes restricted for individuals who can’t obtain the right equipment. 


We appreciate the value of exploring new interests and starting new creative hobbies and activities enhances an individual’s well-being.

Sharing Shed Rules

The Sharing Shed Melbourne Rules, which were adopted by special resolution at the Annual General Meeting held on 14 October 2019 - can be viewed here

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