A Bit About Us

Sharing Shed Melbourne Inc. is a non-profit incorporated association run by a group of passionate locals and local supporters.


We seek to promote a more engaged, active, and resourceful community by empowering community users and partner organisations with low-cost access to a wide range of useful goods, skills and related knowledge.

Our Vision

"A world without waste"

Our Mission

"A sharing shed in every community"

Our Strategy

"Piloting a sharing shed model in Melbourne's Inner West that is viable, sustainable and replicable"

The Sharing Shed

Valuing What We Have, Know & Do


The Sharing Shed aims to provide a way for community members to borrow useful but infrequently-used items like lawn mowers, gardening and other tools, musical instruments, board games, kitchen appliances, sewing machines, cargo bikes and sporting equipment, tents and camping gear.


Get Involved

Help create the irresistible world we want to live in!


Volunteer Your Time, Skills or Services

Along with cash donations, this is one of the simplest ways to help us out. We believe the best way for our initiative to be successful is for the community to actively get involved. There are lots of ways to contribute to the great work we do in Sharing Shed Melbourne - whether you have a little time or a lot!

Head over to our Volunteer Hub to find out about the next volunteer event or opportunity. If you have particular skills that might be handy - say accounting, film-making, legal nous, graphic design, IT/website admin - shoot us a message via our email or contact form below. The gift of your time, skills or services would be greatly appreciated and we trust you will find it equally rewarding to be part of our crew!

Rake and Wheelbarrow

Donate Your Quality 2nd-Hand Goods

You might be de-cluttering or down-sizing, wanting to find a good home for those items you no longer have use or space for. It might be gardening tools or sporting equipment, maybe a musical instrument, movie projector or karaoke machine.


Why not donate your stuff and give them a second life with the community? We're looking for goods that are in an "as new" or lightly used condition; or they can be well loved and still in pretty ace nick. (A good test is would you lend it to your boss, neighbour and grandma?) 

We're aiming to have a stock that covers a range of categories: tools, camping and sports equipment, board games and puzzles, house entertaining and party supplies, science discovery kits, specialty food-making and preserving equipment, and more. And we'd REALLY love an ex-ambulance to transport our stuff around town!


If you have stuff to donate, please get in touch by either completing this form or sending us an email with your name and phone number; a description of the item and its condition (eg "as new", very good, good, fair); advise whether any user manuals or instructions are available; and  include one or more photos.

Partner With Us

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to start? Maybe you're a community group that we could direct members to, so they could use what they borrow to do what you do (eg borrow a ukelele to go to a monthly folk club get-together).

Or maybe you'd like to partner with us or sponsor a big ticket item, like a shipping container or an empty shopfront where we could store our inventory of goods, or a delivery van so we can move goods as they get collected, donated or borrowed. (We're wishing for an ex-ambulance or other vehicle that lived a good life!)

Lending your support - especially early in the life of the Sharing Shed - is a great way to contribute to making this concept a reality here and now. Building on what we each can do - individuals, local groups, local businesses, schools - allows us to collectively do more than we can do on our own. Please get in touch so we can talk about how we might collaborate to support each other. 

No upcoming events at the moment

The Core Group

Passionate and committed about bringing the Sharing Shed to our community


Jenny Lindsay

Director, Community Outreach

With us since our founding, Jenny brings years of experience in communications, helping organisations understand and connect with their audiences. With a knack for getting things done, Jenny plays an essential role in the development and success of the Sharing Shed.

Michelle Fisher

Executive Director

Michelle is a strong believer that we live in a world of abundance and each of us has something of value to offer. Having founded the Melbourne Repair Cafe in 2016, Michelle has the vision and drive to develop the Sharing Shed in ways that will benefit both people and planet.

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Melbourne's Inner West

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"We choose the world we live in, by choosing how we live in the world."

Chrisna du Plessis

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