Sharing Shed Melbourne

Own Less, Live More

Promoting a more engaged, active, and resourceful community

Borrow what you need to enjoy activities, entertain or do some DIY

Reduce landfill by donating your unused goods for others to use

Join a Library of Things and Borrow, not Buy.

You’d love to try camping, or music, or sports, but don’t have the gear? OR Tried a hobby – once – but all that gear is hanging around the house taking up space? 


The Sharing Shed’s Library of Things can help.

How it works

Get Involved

Sign up to become a Sharing Shed Member and pay your membership fee

Select the item/s you would like to borrow from the online catalogue

Pick up the item/s from The Sharing Shed during opening hours

Return the item/s to the Sharing Shed after your borrowing period is up

Join our mailing list

Join the Sharing Shed Melbourne 

community and enjoy 

low-cost access to a range of 

useful goods.

Own Less – Live More

Address: Coming soon!

Opening Hours: Coming soon too!

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